Rosewood Sliding Squares and Bevels

Blued Steel Blades - Adjustable Try Squares with Brass Thumbscrew Slide or Turn Screw.

A try square which can be adjusted to any angle for marking or checking.

The blued steel blade is secured at an angle either by a brass knurled thumbscrew or, more traditionally, by a turn screw (use a screwdriver).

The turn screw version is made in accordance with BS3322.

Look - A similar range of bevel is available in beech, but with only the wingnut locking system.
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Rosewood sliding bevel.

Beech wood sliding bevel.

Code Description
20a 7½” Screwdriver locking
20b 9” Screwdriver locking
20c 10½” Screwdriver locking
20d 7½” Brass thumbscrew locking
20e 9” Brass thumbscrew locking
20f 10½” Brass thumbscrew locking
20h 12” Brass thumbscrew locking

Excellent range of Bevels

Rosewood bevel.

Trial 1 plated rosewood sliding bevel - more in this range available to view on the Trial 1 page ..

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