Beech Gauges

Beech Marking Gauges / Cutting Gauges / Combination Marking & mortise Gauges.

These gauges use the best quality beech from plantation grown/FSC sources. We supply the traditional ‘half round’ gauge and the modern square head patterns in all combinations. All gauges are offered with either plain heads or inset brass face wear plates. The head is secured to the stem with a plastic thumbscrew.

Marking Gauge - for marking parellel lines to en edge with the grain.

Cutting Gauge - for scoring across the grain and can also be used for gutting strips of wood veneer and small rebates. The cutter is secured in place with a brass wedge which also enables removal for sharpening the cutter.

Combination Marking & mortise Gauge - combines two functions; one side is for laying out mortises by means of two spurs, one adjustable with a brass pullslide. The other side has a single spur for marking.

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Beech Gauge Beech Gauges Beech Gauge
Code Description
1 Half round marking
2 Half round marking, plated head
3 Half round cutting
4 Half round cutting, plated head
1a Square head marking
2a Square head marking, plated head
3a Square head cutting
4a Square head cutting, plated head
7 Combination mortise and marking gauge
8 Combination mortise and marking, plated
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