Squares and Panel Gauges

Blued Steel Try Squares, Mitre Squares, Adjustable Angle Squares and Panel Gauges.


Rosewood Try Squares to BS3322

The stocks are made of Rosewood, the blade from tempered, blued steel. They have a machined brass face for protection against damage and accuracy. The blade is secured by means of a brass diamond washer and steel rivet, or all brass round rivets.

All our try squares are manufactured to BS3322. Each square is tested for accuracy twice during manufacture and again immediately prior to despatch.

The squares are tested on both the inside and outside faces, our specification for the internal angle is twice as accurate as that specified in the British Standard, an accuracy better than 0.01mm/10mm blade length.

Rosewood Mitre square
As the name suggests, enables setting of 45° mitres. Made to the same specification as the try squares.

Rosewood Try & Mitre Square
This square combines the functions of both try & mitre squares.

Look - A range of beech try squares is available, made to the same accuracy as above but only with the round brass rivets.
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Large Marking / Measuring Tools

Our range of Large Marking / Measuring Tools is primarily for use with sheet materials or large projects.

The 18” & 24” Try Squares have rosewood stocks, blued spring steel blades, and are secured by five brass diamond washers with steel rivets, and a 3mm thick brass face plate. As these squares may be used on sheet material, at the toe of the stock is a small retractable blade, which, when out, sits on the edge of the sheet and stabilises the square.

The Panel Gauge allows lines to be gauged past the centre of a 56” wide panel. The stem is 30” long and the head 9” wide with a brass wear strip fitted inside a rebate which rests on the edge of the panel to be gauged.

The Adjustable Angle Square has one stock set at 90°, the other may be set at any angle and locked in place by a large brass, knurled thumbscrew. Both have brass wear strips, the blade length is 24”.

Left - Adjustable Angle Square, Right - Panel Gauge
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Rosewood Try Squares - and a Mitre Square
Code Description
Rosewood Try Squares
19a 6” Brass diamonds & steel rivets
19b 9” Brass diamonds & steel rivets
19c 12” Brass diamonds & steel rivets
19d 6” Brass round rivets
19e 9” Brass round rivets
19f 12” Brass round rivets
Rosewood Mitre Squares
19m 10” Brass diamonds & steel rivets
19v 10” Brass round rivets
Rosewood Try and Mitre Squares
19t 9” Brass diamonds & steel rivets
19w 9” Brass round rivets
Large Marking & Measuring Tools
15 Rosewood Panel Gauge 30"
18 Rosewood Adjustable Square
19k Rosewood Try Square 18"
19l Rosewood Try Square 24"
Rosewood Mitre Squares
Rosewood Mitre Square

Rosewood Panel Gauge - allows lines to be gauged past the centre of a 56 inch wide panel.

Large Try Square, Rosewood - 18 and 24 inches

Adjustable Angle Square - Rosewood, one stock set at 90 degrees, the other may be set at any angle.

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